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September 14, 2017

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Protective Styling

February 22, 2017



            So I have been getting so many inquiries about Protective Styling that I figured now is a great time to give my take on them.


From Crochets to Installs to Clip-Ins to Braids, whatever your preferred choice of Protective Styling, your foundation must be in tact. The myth of wearing PS and your Mane falling out is just that, a myth! If it is done properly and properly maintained then I say go for it. This allows your Mane time to rest from the everyday regiment and maximizes the overall health of the Mane. Keeping the Mane guessing is what I call it.


Now just because you have PS and it may not require much styling on your part, you still need to have maintenance appointments scheduled. What this does is helps with the upkeep of the style you are wearing, ensures that your Mane is properly cared for as well as ensures your Mane is still in a healthy condition. There is great success in wearing Protective Styling, but I must stress the importance of a client consultation first to find out the best method. If you are having challenges with the strength of your Mane or your edges are compromised, then an Install may not be the best solution. I would recommend a Unit (Wig) and bi-weekly treatment of your Mane to build the strength of your Mane. If you are looking for thickness or length, my recommendation is an Install, Crochet or Braided style with a maintenance schedule according to the option chosen. This allows the Mane a resting period to get stronger in thickness and ultimately in length.