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Salon Professionalism Part 2

September 14, 2017

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Salon Professionalism Part 2

September 14, 2017

I truly mean that, thank you for choosing me and most of all trusting me with your "mane".


Now for the good stuff, our topic for this week

"Salon Policies and the People that Break Them".


So I have a serious question, if you saw your health care profession in the grocery store, would you approach them to ask for the results of your test, say "hey I need to get on your books", or ask for your out patient surgery for free? I'll wait for that response, lol. Of course you would't, why because they have a policy for their business and you comply. It is the same in our profession. I'm going to highlight just a couple of standard ones as each salon may vary in their policies.


For Clients


1. Be on time - This is one of those things that constantly needs to be broken down, when it really is simple. If you are late that affects someone else's appointment time. Try your absolute best to arrive to your appointment at the time given, and if something is causing you to be more than 15 minutes late, keep in contact with your stylist. Generally a policy should look like this: 15 minutes late is a late fee added to service & 30 minutes late you need to reschedule your service as well as a fee assessed. (These fees vary depending on each salons policies.)


2. Cancellations - Now this is another simple yet complicated part of policy. Most salons have a 24 hour cancellation clause. This helps us make room for those who want the time you may have booked. If there was an emergency of course we understand that, but if you cancel 5 minutes before your appointment because you had a long day and you just don't want to come, that is absolutely your choice that comes with a fee. So generally a standard cancellation request is 24 hours, unless an emergency occurs. It is up to your stylist what their fee assessment will be. 


3. No call/No show - I don't feel this one even needs an explanation, but it does. If you book an appointment you show up! That's it, that's all...but I have had this happen in times past until I put into play my online booking. This cut down on all of that, because the app ask for a credit card to hold the appointment. This weeds out those who will waste your time. In some cases I asked the client to maybe find a salon/stylist that could work better with their lifestyle and time.


4. Free Services - Please don't just come out and say "you should do my hair; let me know hen you next demonstration is; don't you want to try this new technique on me" and so many more. We put in thousands of hours literally to learn the study of hair to just give it away. Now that doesn't mean we won't offer discounts or bless someone or several someone's, but let that come from us. There is nothing more rude than to ask that question, to a service provider that depends on this income to support their life.


5. Booking Multiple Services & Appointments - Okay so there is nothing wrong with booking multiple services, we like that. But when you book a 7 hour slot, that is prohibiting others from appointment availability. Especially when you only want an end trim which takes 15 minutes. Also, if you request a standing appointment day and time (which we also love) please stick to that schedule. Most times its given with a discount as well, but when you are constantly rescheduling or just decide to do something else with your hair without letting your stylist know, not only does that show a lack of respect, but it also causes scheduling issues. In that case you will be asked to book your own appointments or asked to find another service provider.


6. No Cell Phones - Now you would think if they say don't text and drive because it can cause an accident, it would be the same as being in the salon chair. I know that was a little deep lolol, but if you are on the phone while being cleansed or in the chair being curled and something happens to your phone or you get cut or burned, who will you be mad at? The obvious answer should be you, but history says its our fault smh. Just stay off the phones, it makes life much simpler and if you need to conduct business excuse your self. After all you are there to be pampered.


Okay guys that's is all for this week, but please join us next week as we reverse these points to the stylist side of things. Week 3 will go over how we "Stylist" break these same rules. Join us live via FB on Wednesday's at noon & 6pm. We want to hear from you, so ask us questions or comment or voice your concerns, we are more than happy to answer and address them. As always thank you again for your continued support.

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