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Salon Professionalism Part 2

September 14, 2017

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Salon Professionalism Part 3

September 20, 2017


This is like a broken record when I meet new clients. Stylist why has this become the norm? Why have we started picking up bad habits? Is it because of finances, lack of loyal clients, overbooking, etc?


It breaks my heart when consumers have these perceptions of our industry that are not all accurate. What will be the solutions?


Well just as I posted on last week about how we as the hair care professional may run our salons, I also believe that we can benefit from a little constructive criticism as well.


1. Be on time - Now this is something that should not have to be addressed (in my opinion), but it has to be. Why? Because we expect our clients to adhere to this rule then we must adhere to it as well. Especially because we are providing a service people pay for. If you were at a restaurant and the service was poor you would want a discount or some sort of compensation. Same here! Don't be "tardy to the party" as they say. Remember the best form of advertisement is word of mouth. 


2. Cancellations -  As with the above point, if you need to cancel keep in contact with your clients to let them know if there has to be a cancellation and when they can reschedule. Respecting time and boundaries in this profession goes a long way, so be intentional in regards to communications with your clients. 


3. No call/No show - Now you would say this does not happen on our end, but it does. In my 15 years of being in the industry I have had to service those clients left high and dry. Don't be that person...that is truly the most unprofessional thing you can do to someone expecting a service they booked. I'll leave that alone for now.


4. Free Services - So we have the opportunity to not just enhance beauty, but to change lives. This should never be taken advantage of (your choosing to provide free services), so before you get upset at people asking, set boundaries. This way you simply are covered. I will say to set your sights on giving back in this way to those who may not be able to afford your services. Get your clients on board, they love to be  apart of something that helps others and it keeps them loyal to you and your brand.


5. Booking Multiple Services & Appointments - I have a lot to say about this here. DON"T OVERBOOK AND UNDER PERFORM! If you have the speed, professionalism & creativity to handle 6 people at one time, then by all means go for it. DO NOT and repeat DO NOT have people waiting in a line at 6 am outside your establishment waiting for you to show up at 8 am, your assistant wets everyone down, leaves the conditioner on for 45 minutes each, while you eat your breakfast and start to mold everyone at 9 am, for you to take another break, to come back and style them at 10 am, but need to pick your kids up at noon. And I am not even making this up. JUST STOP IT ALREADY!


6. No Cell Phones - Just excuse yourself when you need to take a call or have on a blue tooth and ask your client do they mind if you answer. I am guilty of this myself, especially if it's my children (unless I have a client at the bowl or providing a chemical service). 


Well that is all folks, as always if you have any questions or comments feel free to drop them in the comments section. Join us on Wednesdays for our FB live chat at noon and 6:30 pm.



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