Khavoni’s Coaching Essentials is geared towards educating and training the future of cosmetologist beyond school, beyond the chair. It will prepare them for several industry opportunities that most have dreamed of being a part of. Over the years KCE has worked closely with a select group of cosmetology students to help them realize and achieve their full potential beyond what was taught to them in school. Preparing them to experience the best of what this industry has to offer! "I often saw very talented artists hit a career wall simply because they didn't have the right network. This is my effort to break those walls down and build a strong production brand that allows artists to flourish with one another. United we are stronger!"


Troy Pryor, Founder/Executive Producer of Creative Cypher


When I read this statement I realized that I wanted to be a part in providing a sustainable solution to bettering our industry as a whole.


What do we offer?


Khavoni’s Coaching Essentials provides one on one coaching, group coaching, networking opportunities and interning. These are the basic foundations that we feel are necessary to reach your full potential in this industry. Our coaching consists of resume and portfolio building, goal setting, meetings to discuss your interests in the industry, vision boards, interviewing, branding, creating contracts etc. Our networking and interning are opportunities presented to us that we send you, the student on for real industry work experience.


The program last 3 months and currently only accepts 5 applicants at a time to ensure that each person receives the maximum of what the program has to offer.

For more information on how to be a part email us at (subject: KCE).

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